Our Purpose

Why a Chick Lit RWA chapter? As writers of the hippest romance sub-genre, we feel it’s important for us to have an official presence and voice in the industry. We want to provide a place where chick lit and women’s fiction writers can not only be heard, but understood. Supported. Encouraged. Promoted. Click here to read about the history of our chapter.

But I thought Chick Lit was dead? Publishing industry terms may change due but Chick Lit is more than a label. Chick Lit is an attitude. Our members are published in many genres, including Young Adult, Paranormal, Erotica, Women’s Fiction, and Non Fiction. A well written book can transcend labels and always find a home. Our chapter is dedicated to keeping up with industry trends and helping all of our writers navigate the path to publication.

The Chick Lit Writers group is a place where you can mingle with other authors who understand you, your voice, and this unique sub-genre that doesn’t play by the traditional romance rules.

Unlike other RWA chapters, we’re not about location. You’ll be networking with people from every walk of life, all over the world. From all 50 states, from Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada. We’re black, we’re white, we’re Asian and Hispanic. And we’re creating a global, online community of writers who share the same interest–writing and publishing chick lit. There are no limitations to our discussions, information sharing, support and growth in our genre.

We share a common goal: to make the romance writing world aware that chick lit is not a flash in the pan, a fading trend, but a hip, hot, happening genre that is here to stay. Our voice may start small, but by joining together we can prove to the industry that we are truly a formidable presence in the publishing industry.

Our Mission:

  • To educate new and nearly-there chick-lit writers–offering valuable resources, craft advice and timely industry news.
  • To promote published chick-lit authors to the world. Sharing their unique stories with the media and with readers.
  • To provide professional networking opportunities for all members–published or not.
  • To provide social and moral support to those who choose to write chick lit.

What You Get From Membership:

  • Exclusive web content and e-newsletter with chick lit friendly industry news, editor and agent interviews and more.
  • Publicity events and promotion opportunities.
  • Shared lists of chick-lit friendly bookstores, agents and editors.
  • International, up-to-date news about chick-lit publishers and trends.
  • Published and unpublished author contests with several chick lit categories judged by chick lit friendly judges.
  • Mentorship program led by well-established authors in the genre.
  • And much, much more to come as we continue to grow.